Analytics for members

Are there any good analytics packages to monitor how your members actually use your site?

Some of what I want to know: What pages do they visit? How often are they on the site?


Hey Taegan! Are you already using Google Analytics?

Yes, I do. But that measures all users — not just my members.

I’d be curious to know how to use it to track just what members do on the site.

Gotcha! Let’s see if anyone else has ideas!

You can use the Google Analytics User-ID feature to track logged in users and their behavior in G Analytics: Benefits of User-ID - Analytics Help

We also have FullStory, which is expensive, but splits out logged in/non logged in users. You also see their exact behavior onsite


Also this seems like a similar discussion :slight_smile:

Thank you — that’s really a big help!

Yes, thank you @Jesse.

Do you mind sharing how much you’re paying for Fullstory? Happy to chat offline as well, my email is

We are looking at tracking using Parsely but it’s a 20k upgrade for us. Not out of the possibilities, just feels like more than we need at this point in our product development cycle.

I have grandfathered pricing, so probably not the best representation. But I’m paying $226/mo for 25,000/mo sessions + 3 mo history

@Jesse would you mind giving myself and a member of my team a quick walkthrough of how you use it?

15 min would be amazing… I’m an open book in terms of what we are doing, happy to share anything.


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