Bundling products to boost subscription conversions

Interesting article about recent efforts from Outside Magazine.

What are your thoughts on bundling? Have you tried this strategy on a smaller scale?


We bundle all of our separate newsletters into our highest tier of service. I think it’s a good strategy to create more value for your most engaged members. This article was a good find, thanks for sharing it.

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Bundling in every direction is going to be a major trend over the next decade.

When will Memberful launch bundle features for Memberful customers?

Say, I want to bundle my products with another publisher who is using Memberful for their membership products.

A native solution for this would unlock a lot of potential.

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Hey Marcel! Thank for posing this question. How would you see this working?

I‘m sure the implementation details are more complicated than that but for starters:

  • a plan that is being shared between two accounts
  • everyone add their own perks to the bundle plan
  • every member who joins this plan obviously becomes a member in every bundled memberful account
  • a setting for setup of how to split revenue from the bundle (and/or integrate with stir https://www.usestir.com/ )

Ideally, one could natively manage things similar to the Sidechannel community Charlie Warzel, Casey Newton et al are doing ( see Announcing Sidechannel, a new community for Platformer subscribers - by Casey Newton - Platformer ) See also Thompson‘s Dithering bundle. Supporting such bundling should be a core feature of Memberful.

(For network effects, allow bundle plans with a mixture of free and pro Memberful accounts)

Thanks for sharing your vision! :+1: