Describe your onboarding experience

Describe your onboarding experience.

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What does your onboarding flow look like?

The old 4-day long onboarding system presented several pain points – it was almost impossible to edit without tweaking the code, which translated into a Herculean task for the IT department. It was also not user-action oriented and did not gather enough data beyond the basic CTRs.The new onboarding process not only looks aesthetically pleasing, it also works better.

It is now 21 days long, and comprises welcome mails from the editors, news content, additional benefits like newsletters, e-reader, the ability to save an article and surveys. It is written in a friendlier language and provides additional data such as clicks per section, instead of just CTRs.

Gazeta Wyborcza’s engagement rate increased by 57 percent after the introduction of the new onboarding process.