Grow your business with powerful coupon improvements 🌳

Over the years, we’ve learned a ton about how you’re using coupon codes to acquire new members and retain existing ones. This has provided clarity into various ways we can make our coupon functionality even more powerful. Read on to learn about the improvements we’ve made to make it easier to use coupons to grow your business.

Creating coupons made simple :capital_abcd:

We’ve redesigned the coupon interface to make it easier to use and clearer to understand what type of coupon you’ve created.

Unlike before, we now include renewals and upgrades, in addition to new orders, when calculating redemptions to give you a more accurate picture of how many members are making use of a particular discount.

Track the success of your promotions :chart_with_upwards_trend:

You can now export a coupon-specific usage report for all your reporting needs. Best of all, the export file also includes one-time coupons (which aren’t included in the Members export file).

Set it and forget it! (Start and end dates) :calendar:

Want to create a sense of urgency around a particular promotion? Set a start and end date for your coupon. Once set up, we’ll take it from there!

Target the right people with per coupon user settings :dart:

Different coupons have different purposes (acquisition or retention), and we know you don’t want coupons intended for existing members to be shared widely to people who haven’t signed up yet, and vice versa. That’s why we’ve added a per-coupon setting to give you more control over which customers can use your coupons.

Create unique coupons codes for promotional partners :moneybag:

Interested in creating 500 coupons to share with a promotional partner? You can create as many unique coupon codes as you like through our API, making sure that your coupons are used by the right people.