How did you validate your membership idea prior to your launch?

How did you validate your membership idea prior to your launch? Share your thought process here!

Created a Twitch Stream AND hosted virtual masterminds.

Love these two strategies! What a creative and effective way to validate your ideas. Thank you for sharing.

I already had the content (constant stream of new leads for Australian virtual assistants to share). I created a free membership site myself with registration essential to get access. Collected testimonials, systems and processes tweaking with member feedback. Launched a campaign to encourage free members to convert to paying members before cut off, then used those funds to get professional branding and a new website (and Memberful account!).

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Fiona, congrats on successfully launching! The process you followed was spot-on! It’s so important to collect feedback from your members and tweak your process as you go along. Thank you for sharing your journey. How long did this take from start to launch?

It took a year, though it was a side-hustle to our main business. I am sure we could have done it in 3-6 months if it was our main venture, though I’m really glad we had the extended time to be exposed to a bigger variety of customer types/needs and automate as much as possible before we started actively marketing and had volume to deal with!

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