How was everyone's experience integrating the new login system?

I’m sorry, but this is more of a vent: We are working hard to get up and running with the new sign in process (where members get emailed a link instead of using a password) but it’s been an absolute nightmare.

I’m not a tech person, but from what I understand, Memberful’s set up didn’t allow us to test the new sign in process in an effective way, now our site is live and no one can log in properly (not even us). Also it’s 12:30am and we’ve been working on this for the entire weekend. Overall just very disappointed with Memberful right now for making running our business harder and confusing our customers…

I’d love to hear other folks experiences making this dramatic change that will ultimately increase our churn in the short term and is putting our site in danger of just not functioning at all!

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I’ve had a different experience. We have ~8k members, and they skew older (we publish dividend investing material). We only had a few complaints when this was first rolled out. It seems like we get far fewer customer support emails now asking how to log in.

Hey Talia! I got your message on the help desk and just responded.

I don’t want to diminish what you’re going through, but we haven’t had any other feedback like this. It might be something unique to your set up, and — of course — we’re here to help you until everything is working as it should.

Talk soon!

We didn’t even notify our users about the new system and we haven’t had any complaints.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble @taliakoren, and I’m sure @Lauren.g / Memberful will get you sorted out—hopefully quickly!

Similar to @SureDividend and @MattBoom, we rolled it out without any announcement and it’s worked well for our members.

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Oh my gosh sign in is SO simple! You are doing great!

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