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Hey everyone! This is Lauren from Memberful. I can’t wait to see all the amazing convos that happen here. Welcome!! :partying_face:

Welcome to our community everyone! This is Madison from Memberful. I look forward to all the thoughtful discussions that we will be having here!

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I’m Taegan Goddard, the proprietor of Political Wire, a website that’s been running continuously since 1999.


Great to see you here, Taegan!

Hi crew! I’m Tom from Pack Hacker—we’re passionate about helping people travel better.

I had the pleasure of working with @Lauren.g on integrating from another platform last week—excited to grow the quality of our membership programs together!


Thanks, Tom! It was so fun working with you. :innocent:

Welcome to our community, Tom! We are so happy to have you here. Your membership offering is amazing!

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Hi! I’m Neil Clarke the publisher and editor of Clarkesworld, a science fiction magazine and podcast. We’ve been using Memberful since late 2017 as an alternate option for our readers/listeners to support our work. We’re also using Patreon and offer subscriptions through Amazon, B&N, and others. We’ve been publishing the magazine for nearly 15 years.


Good to see you here, Neil! :wave:

Welcome to our community, Neil! So happy to have you here. - Madison

Hello Everyone! I’m Cliff Hazell, as South Africa who now lives in Sweden.

Together with some friends in Vienna, we run the Flight Levels Academy (
and Today (8 Jul 21) launched our membership community into the public.

We’ve been building our Free community, with is the glue around our course content, and YouTube show. We’re just about to cross 2000 members… Looking forward to the next steps with Memberful :slight_smile:


Welcome, Cliff! What a great milestone to cross. We’re rooting for you! :partying_face:

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Welcome to our community, Cliff! We are so happy to have you here! Congratulations on your launch! Such exciting times for you!

Hi everyone! I’m Vincent. Earlier this year, I launched Parent’s Club. It’s the first online community where busy parents can read or listen to 10-minute parenting book summaries. It’s had really great initial traction and pretty steady growth, so I’m excited to see the long-term potential here.

Looking forward to learning from you all and sharing tips.


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Welcome to our community, Vincent! So happy to have you here. :grinning:

Hi everyone! I’m Javier. I’m working on Simple Dev, a website designed to teach coding skills through short, easy-to-read tutorials that are made for beginners. I’m using Memberful to monetize the site.

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Welcome, Javier! So happy to have you join our community! :grinning:

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Hi, I’m John Coe and I host a podcast called Icons of DC Area Real Estate. I am in the process of dividing the existing episodes from one year back and creating a paid podcast with those earlier episodes and infusing other member only content on top of them including key word access and other premium features. Looking forward to learning creative ideas for building content.


Welcome to our community, John! We think you came to the right spot to learn and find creative ideas for building content. :grinning: