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This blog post might provide some inspiration:

I’m Chris “C. K.” Williams and Life in the Son MS is my my podcast and whatever the topic, my mission is to reflect the character and nature of Christ Jesus.

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Welcome to the community!

Hello friends. My name is Tamra Byerly. I am an aspiring writer, faith speaker and preacher. My goal using Memberful is to be part of a community and like-minded fellowship. My first goal is to create a podcast with membership options. Once that task is stable, the next steps are to finish my book while raising money to build my church and mega-shelter! Once my book is published, I would like to be in construction mode for my church and shelter. I believe Jesus is the answer, but not how He is being presented currently in our nation. Christ is love, not judgement or hate or malice or punishment. There are hurting people in America who direly need to hear about the LOVE of Christ. I desire to be that messenger. “Who will go?” “Send me!”

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Welcome, Tamra! :wave: Nice to have you here.

Welcome to our community, Tamra!

Hi everyone,
Edwin here from Toronto. Excited to learn and share with all of you.

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Welcome, Edwin! You’ve got a few fellow Canadians on the Customer Happiness just down the 401. :grinning:

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Welcome to our community, Edwin! Happy to have you here!

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401 party is coming!

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Thanks, happy to be here.

Hi everyone!

Fiona from Thought Penny - an Aussie team automating business marketing AND business admin and management using Keap, Asana, Zapier (and where relevant Memberful!).

I also manage the Australian VA Lead Network, connecting Australian businesses with Australian virtual assistants.

I joined this community to get inspiration from others who are automating with Memberful and to share my knowledge.


Welcome to our community, Fiona! So happy to have you hear. :slight_smile:

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I am a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who loves to share the greatness and the love of God worldwide. It is my greatest passion besides my family bar none

Welcome to our community, Pastor Vaughn! Happy to have you here!

Hey everyone :wave: a bit late to the party, but happy to be here and join the community :smiley:

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Welcome! So happy to have you here! :grinning:

Hi all!

I use memberful for my site, OT Potential, which helps occupational therapists stay up to date with new research, so they can provide the best care possible to their patients!