Prelaunch Strategy

Hey everyone, I am working on my launch strategy and plan for my membership. I am wondering if any of you have any tips and best practices to share.

Here’s what I am working with:

  • 2 Weeks before launch: Post on existing social media and ask the community what they would like to see in my membership
  • 1 Week before launch: Write all copy for newsletters, emails and social media
  • 5 Days before launch: Soft Launch to the inner circle to get feedback, thoughts and early support
  • 4 Days before launch: Reach out to my super supporters for feedback
  • 3 days until launch: Implement all feedback and write launch day announcement
  • 2 Days until launch: Teaser on Social Media - say you are launching something
  • Day before: Email circle of influence to let them know that you are launching, why it’s important and that you asking for their support
  • LAUNCH DAY: Publish Posts / Newsletters and announce with Joy.

WOuld love to get feedback, thoughts and suggestions.

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Hi Edwin,

Launches can be very exciting! What’s the service you are launching if you don’t mind me asking?

In looking at the above, I would also include some sort of time sensitive discount or promotion along with the launch to create a sense of urgency. And then I’d also have several days of promotions lined up for after the launch to your entire audience (those who haven’t yet joined).

We’ve been through many product launches, and the above has been helpful in my experience, but of course every business can be different.


I’m a fan of the “name what you pay” approach—both because it encourages more people to give what they want and also because it provides intel on what levels are the most popular. Based on what you learn from that, you can then set up your preset levels of giving.


Thanks for the insights @SureDividend!

I am creating “The 100X Club” - it’s a place for multi-passionate creators like artists, innovators and entrepreneurs to come together and feed their unquenchable curiosity. We live in a world of specialists and some don’t understand or accept those who do many things.

re: promotions – I do have some lined up and the launch campaign will begin on the 22nd and end on the 30th. The website will have countdowns and last-day promotions.

Yes, I love this but will reserve it for after launch. I want to ensure I establish a community based around my current community and audience which consists of successful entrepreneurs and executives.

It sounds interesting, best of luck on the launch!

Update – launching tomorrow. Check it out Wish me luck!

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