Tracking Members Web Activity


We have a 500+ membership that we launched on Senior Housing News — hardcore b2b— about 5 months ago and I’m trying to determine how active they are on our site and develop monthly reporting for our edit/product teams.

Does anyone have any tips for getting their web activity sent to their ESP profile or at the very least tracking it as a segment in Google Analytics? We can track it through our CDP but it’s not the most user-friendly reporting for our team.

I think Mixpanel might be a solution but before I go down that rabbit hole, wanted to see if anyone had some tips.


I think you’re on the right track here with Mixpanel. Google analytics is good for the acquisition funnel (and measuring 5-8 events), but anything more complex than that would be better in a different tool.

I’m using a combination of Hotjar and Amplitude (similar to mixpanel) to accomplish this today.


Glad I’m moving in the right direction. Are you using Amplitude to track cohorts and how often they are engaging on the site?

Right now we are using the audience explorer dashboard a lot to try and determine how many people might be good targets for converting to paid but we can’t serve them a modal with an offer or anything like that… yet.

The segment overview has been a great tool for us

Are you able to target segments with offers using Amplitude?

Very cool what you are doing with Circle — I just signed up, excited to poke around.

Thanks for sharing this Audience Explorer! Looks great.

Have you looked into Intercom as a way to handle in-app offers to those that have a specific visit behavior?

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I haven’t — still hoping to get some guidance from Memberful on how we can segment out our audience traffic. Seems like it should be part of the roadmap at some point.

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