What platform should I choose for my community?

What platform should I choose for my community? (Discourse, Discord, Circle, etc)

Tough question! For now, we’ve chosen to go with Discourse—the same platform we’re on right now—to build a community-driven resource that’s searchable for everyone. It can be intimidating for some new members to jump right in and start posting, though.

I’ve thought about Discord, though we’ve decided not to manage two separate platforms since they may get watered down. Though, I like how this platform creates a more casual vibe.

Curious to learn from others on what they’ve had success with!

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We’ve been using Discord more and more in the last year. One of the side-effects of the pandemic was that a lot of genre conventions utilized Discord and caused more of our readers to be familiar with it. That helped boost activity a lot. Our Discord server is private and we grant membership via the bots provided by Memberful and Patreon.

We were allowing comments/discussion directly on our website, but we’re in the process of ending that. (Managing public comments is more trouble than it is worth.)